Sep 8 – 9, 2023
IIT Mandi
Asia/Kolkata timezone

ScaniVerse: A New Horizon in Unified Scanning for Linux Systems

Sep 9, 2023, 11:15 AM
Room 1

Room 1

Talk (20 min) OpenPrinting


Akarshan Kapoor
Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi, India


"ScaniVerse: A New Horizon in Unified Scanning for Linux Systems". In this fast-paced 20-minute talk, I will introduce ScaniVerse, a unique project poised to revolutionise the scanning landscape across all Linux systems.I will navigate through my journey of extending PAPPL, an open-source printing system, to embed scanning capabilities by metamorphosing non-ESCL scanners into ESCL servers. Furthermore, I will be illustrating an innovative MetaScan system, a smart data cataloguing module for scanned images. ScaniVerse is a testament to the power of open-source networking in crafting innovative, adaptable solutions, and heralds a new era in device interaction.

ScaniVerse is an innovative project set to revolutionize scanning technology, spearheaded in two directions. The first part, implemented by me in GSoC (Google Summer of Code) under the mentorship of Mr. Till Kamppeter, involves extending the Printer Application Framework, PAPPL, to support the eSCL (AirScan) protocol, thereby converting non-eSCL scanners into eSCL servers to significantly enhance their cross-platform interoperability and functionality. The second part, inspired by my GSoC work, is the development of MetaScan, an intelligent scanning frontend prototype that facilitates smart categorisation and archival of scanned images using a combination of OCR, machine-learning-based image recognition, and a dynamic metadata tagging system. When integrated, these components form the robust ScaniVerse framework—a sandboxed Scanner Application compatible with all Linux Systems. This project underscores the transformative potential of open-source networking in creating innovative, unified solutions, thus pioneering the next generation of scanning systems.

Participants will gain insights into the process of working with and extending an open- source system from scratch through my GSoC Journey, the development and functionalities of MetaScan, and the exciting potential that lies in the convergence of scanning and printing technologies. You'll also learn about the transformative power of open-source networking and how it can innovate, unify, and streamline solutions. I invite passionate individuals to contribute and participate in this innovative journey. Upon completion of the session, those interested can get involved with ScaniVerse by contributing to the GitHub repository links, or directly reaching out to me.

- Ongoing extension work with PAPPL
- MetaScan

Session author's bio

I am a 3rd Year Data Science Undergraduate at IIT Mandi, specialising in Open Source Software Development, Machine Learning, and Game Development. Currently, I am contributing to OpenPrinting under the Linux Foundation for the 2023 Google Summer of Code Program. I am a Machine Learning enthusiast with a specialisation in Natural Language Processing. Additionally, I have experience in game development and have developed a few games using the Unity Game Engine. As a core team member of the Programming Club at IIT Mandi, I have fostered the growth of a coding culture. Eager for new challenges, I aim to utilise my broad skillset to shape the future of technology.

Any other info we should know?

In this interactive presentation, I will not only introduce the audience to the world of open-source development through my experiences as a college student, but also inspire them to dive into this rewarding journey. I will walk through my own experiences with Google Summer of Code, where I witnessed the transformative power of open-source networking firsthand. As a student, I have learned to balance academic responsibilities with real-world project work, mastering a range of technical and soft skills in the process. The opportunities and insights I have gained from my venture into open-source development have been invaluable, opening doors for career advancements.

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