Nov 7 – 9, 2022
Prague, Czech Republic
Europe/Prague timezone

Exploits of the Snapcraft Ninja

Nov 8, 2022, 4:00 PM
Karlin 4 (Hilton Prague)

Karlin 4

Hilton Prague

50 Minute Talk Application Ecosystem


Ms Dani Llewellyn (she/her)
Snapcrafters / Ubuntu Membership Board


An exploration of my history with Linux from 1997-8, when I was 14-15, onwards. With heavy focus given to how I got involved with Snap Packaging, and the Snapcraft ecosystem. Explores how my interest in the Ubuntu Touch project and it's own app packaging mechanism lead me into discovering Snap Packaging. From there we see how I progressed into being the most well known Snap Packager and core member of the Snapcrafters project. I'll go through of the various related projects that I either am, or have been, heavily involved with, or instigated and spearheaded; including showing how Snap Authors can use GitHub Actions or GitLab CI to run my Snapcraft container images to build packages for multiple architectures that are not supported by the official Snapcraft container images (not just amd64 and i386); and my attempt at creating reusable Snapcraft recipes to ease common packaging tasks.

Session author bios

Dani is the foremost independent Snap Package expert with experience bringing many well-known apps to the Snap Store. She is a core member of the Snapcrafters project, and also publishes Snaps under her own name. She consults for companies to bring their apps to the Store. Dani is an Ubuntu Member, Ubuntu Membership Board delegate, and is also a Microsoft MVP awardee.

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Level of Difficulty Intermediate

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