Nov 7 – 9, 2022
Prague, Czech Republic
Europe/Prague timezone

Contribution List

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Mark Shuttleworth (Canonical), Mauro Gaspari (Canonical), Philipp Kewisch (Community Team Leader | Canonical)
11/7/22, 9:00 AM
50 Minute Talk
Carlos Nihelton (Canonical), Till Kamppeter (OpenPrinting/Canonical)
11/7/22, 5:40 PM
Lightning Talk (10 min)

WSL allows to run most Linux applications also under Windows, including Printer Applications.

Printer Applications are the new printer driver format under Linux, daemons which emulate a driverless IPP printer and pass on the jobs to the actual printer. They especially keep legacy printers working which are not driverless by themselves.

As we...

Mauro Gaspari (Canonical)
11/8/22, 9:00 AM
25 Minute Talk
Carlos Garnacho (Red Hat), Felipe Borges (Red Hat and GNOME Foundation), Florian Müllner (Red Hat), Jeremy Bícha (Canonical - Desktop), Jonas Ådahl (Red Hat), Marco Trevisan (Canonical Ltd), Matthias Clasen (Red Hat)
11/8/22, 12:00 PM
Ubuntu Desktop
25 Minute Talk

Updates from the GNOME lands, from gnome hackers at Ubuntu Summit

Viktor Petersson (Partner)
11/8/22, 3:00 PM
25 Minute Talk

Screenly is a popular digital signage solution powering thousands of screens around the world. What's perhaps less known is that Screenly was one of the first Ubuntu Core customers (back when it was called Snappy).

Over the last five years, we've worked closely with Canonical in order to scale up our deployment and have learned a great deal about Core.


Mauro Gaspari (Canonical)
11/9/22, 9:00 AM
25 Minute Talk
Brian Murray (Canonical), Erich Eickmeyer (Ubuntu / Ubuntu Studio), Jeremy Bícha (Canonical - Desktop), Martin Wimpress (Ubuntu MATE, Ubuntu), Rik Mills (Ubuntu Developer), Rudra Saraswat (Ubuntu Member and Project Lead of Ubuntu Unity), Simon Steinbeiß, Łukasz Zemczak (Canonical Ltd)
11/9/22, 12:00 PM

A breakout panel session for flavor-related discussions, with some members of both the Release Team and the Technical Board. Occasion to sit down together and work through pain points in being an Ubuntu flavor, improvements to the cooperation, clarification on what it means to be an Ubuntu flavor and how to become one.

Deepak Patankar, Johannes Meixner (SUSE), Till Kamppeter (OpenPrinting/Canonical), Zdenek Dohnal
11/9/22, 2:00 PM
50 Minute Talk

In the 21 years from the beginning of OpenPrinting up to now we have achieved many nice things, but there is always a lot to do, especially currently, on the way to the New Architecture for printing and scanning, to...

Sergio Durigan Junior (Canonical)
11/9/22, 3:00 PM
25 Minute Talk

If you're interested in knowing more about the new debuginfod service we have, this is the talk for you! We will do an example GDB session, explain how to configure your system to use the service and discuss future plans for it.

Philipp Kewisch (Community Team Leader | Canonical)
11/9/22, 5:00 PM
25 Minute Talk