Nov 7 – 9, 2022
Prague, Czech Republic
Europe/Prague timezone

What Even Is A Cloud Image

Nov 7, 2022, 2:30 PM
Karlin 1 (Hilton Prague)

Karlin 1

Hilton Prague

50 Minute Talk Infrastructure


Gauthier Jolly (he/him)
John Chittum
Canonical / Ubuntu Community Member


Ubuntu powers the cloud as the most used operating system in those environments. It's a ubiquitous OS, with many different offerings across all the major clouds. Canonical partners with cloud providers to create the best experience possible.

Enough marketing jargon -- What really is a cloud image? Who makes them? How often do they update? Why? You don't really have 3000 Jenkins jobs, do you?

This talk focuses in on the who, what, when, where, why, and how of cloud images

  • who builds them?
  • what's inside them that makes them different than an ISO install of an Ubuntu server?
  • When do they publish and why?
  • Where are they built?
  • Where do they get deployed?
  • How do you get the best experience possible?
  • How do I(the community) contribute to cloud images?

We'll hit the big points, especially questions we get so often:

  • cloud tuned kernels?
  • LTS or HWE kernels? Why the rolls?
  • What are specific packages installed?
  • what's a "daily" vs. a "release"
  • Do you test your images? How?
  • How and where to open bugs!
  • How to contribute ideas for future Cloud Images

Session author bios

Dr. John Chittum is a software engineering manager at Canonical on the Public Cloud team. He helps lead all things cloud across many partners. You've seen his work on ARM for Oracle and Workspaces for AWS. Outside work, doctor John runs long distances, reads large books, and stares wistfully at his collection of music research books (because that's what he's a doctor in, not sciency things).

Gauthier Jolly is a software engineer at Canonical working in the Public Cloud team. He oversees the build and publication of Ubuntu images on Azure.

Level of Difficulty Beginner

Presentation materials

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