Nov 3 – 5, 2023
Riga, Latvia
Europe/Riga timezone


The Ubuntu Summit will include a series of talks, workshops, panels and Q&A. We cover a broad range of topics to appeal not only to developers, but anyone involved in open source. You will learn about Linux Desktop, cloud and infrastructure, community, arts, design, and much more. Check out a wide range of sessions from the following tracks:

  • Linux Desktop

    This track is focused on Linux Desktop, and the technologies that make it the successful open source operating system loved by developers, tinkerers, gamers, artists and content creators. Sessions on this track will focus on Linux desktop technologies and applications, desktop environments, Raspberry PI, packaging.

  • Community

    This event is all about community. A healthy community is what drives open source projects to success. Our community track will focus on community building, community management, tools and processes useful to community leaders, and documentation in open source projects.

    We will also discuss exciting upcoming changes in the Ubuntu Community, and the renewed focus to bring all the amazing contributors together and highlight their success stories.

  • AI/ML

    AI/ML became part of our day-to-day life, with projects such as ChatGPT or MidJourney awakening the curiosity of both end users and developers. The new technologies benefitted from a shift in the industry since open source became the standard, for tooling, infrastructure, ML models. It accelerated adoption and helped data scientists and machine learning engineers to develop their own projects.

    This track is focused on AI/ML and how open source empowers the next technological revolution. From tooling such as Kubeflow or MLFlow to projects such as K8s-GPT, developed using open-source technologies, all AI enthusiasts and professionals are encouraged to share their successes.

  • Application Ecosystem

    The success of an operative system is heavily affected by the health of its application ecosystem. This track will showcase Open Source applications, programming languages, APIs and tools to build and deploy applications.

  • Infrastructure

    This track is focused on Linux server, infrastructure and cloud: where and how they can be deployed, and how they are optimised on platforms ranging from raspberryPI, IoT, all the way up to kubernetes and massive cloud deployments.

  • Devices

    From small smart home devices to robots in space stations, Linux is everywhere. This track celebrates our community work in the robotics and IoT field. The track will share the stories of those who dare to innovate. We will also run hands-on workshops where you will develop new skills in designing and deploying edge devices, controlling and programming robots.

  • Content & Design

    This track will take you on a journey to discover what makes a great user experience on a wide range of products and using different technologies. You will learn how open source software allows designers and content creators to be successful in a professional environment. You will learn about accessibility, UX on the CLI and cloud platforms, Open Source tools for content creation, photography, audio and video editing.

  • Gaming

    The video game industry has become the largest and fastest growing form of media on the planet. In this track, you'll learn about the people behind the gaming software, creative tools and and APIs that are powering this unstoppable phenomenon.

  • Security

    Security is fundamental to Ubuntu, Canonical, and the full open source community, and the threats to our software, deployments and environments are ever growing. This track will focus on the latest developments and practices to keep users and information secure.