Nov 3 – 5, 2023
Riga, Latvia
Europe/Riga timezone

About the Summit

Ubuntu Summit 2023

We are very excited about the upcoming Ubuntu Summit 2023! This year, we’ll be gathering in the beautiful city of Riga, Latvia, from November 3rd-5th.

There are many reasons to attend the Ubuntu Summit, including electrifying talks from industry leaders, invigorating hands-on workshops, and a unique opportunity to network with like-minded people from across the open-source world.

Are you a new Linux user looking to make a difference? How about an industry leader changing the landscape of technology with your revolutionary open-source project? No matter where you fit, the Ubuntu Summit is an event for you! 

Exciting! What does the event look like?

The Ubuntu Summit will include a series of talks, workshops, hackathons and Q&A. We cover a broad range of topics to appeal not only to developers, but anyone involved in open source. The event is organized into the following tracks:

  • Linux Desktop
  • Community
  • AI/ML
  • Application Ecosystem
  • Infrastructure
  • Devices
  • Content & Design
  • Gaming
  • Security

Sounds intriguing? Find out more about the tracks in our program.

I think I can say a few things about that…

Do you have a revolutionary project that’s pushing the boundaries of the open source landscape?

Are you an inspiring community leader who’s building a sustainable coalition for the future?

Is your passion for education and advocacy helping foster the next generation of innovators?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, we welcome you to submit an abstract for Ubuntu Summit 2023

Sold! How do I get in on this?

Registration is currently open. Craving for more information? Sign up for updates here.

If you have questions please feel free to reach out to