Nov 3 – 5, 2023
Riga, Latvia
Europe/Riga timezone

Preventing data breach and for AI/DataSci contractor led projects

Nov 5, 2023, 11:30 AM
Lambda – Talks (Radisson Blu Latvija)

Lambda – Talks

Radisson Blu Latvija

Talk (25 Minutes) AI/ML


hubbert smith (he/him)


AI/DataSci adoption in mainstream business is blocked by lack of access to data and lack of access to tech talent. We unblock both.
Project Blocker CISO: "tell me why my data doesnt walk away"
This CISO knows data breaches often involve credentialed users, credentialed Contractors, or credential abuse (eg. Snowden). We share how to solve this problem with Open Source.
We use cloud-native clusters, these "keep the data IN" we prevent data breach, the data never leaves the cluster.
This tech talk is at intersection of AI/Data Sci and cyber security: applied VM kernel modules in clusters. Cybersecurity exfil-testing, "Easy Button" deployment of secure clusters and workspaces, distributed storage/in-place-data, remote access, VPN, Virtual desktop for secure AI/DataSci workspaces.
The greater good ... secure(auditable) AI/data sci projects preventing data breach, puts AI/DataSci contractors and consultants to work in applied AI/DataSci in mainstream busines.

Session author's bio

Hubbert is Founder and CEO of secure devops for AI/Data Sci Projects. We keep the data IN, and prevent data breach. We are the missing secure connection of data to data science talent.
30+ year high tech experience in Program Management, Product Management and Strategy. He has delivered 27 successful projects; all on scope and on schedule. He holds 11 patents and is a published author.

Level of Difficulty Intermediate

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