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Friday, November 3
Friday 13:00
Friday 14:00
Friday 15:00
Friday 16:00
Friday 17:00
Friday 18:00
Friday 19:00
Friday 20:00
Friday 21:00
Introducing Ubuntu Core Desktop
Oliver Smith et al 16:3016:55 25min
Welcome to the Ubuntu Summit
Philipp Kewisch 14:0014:50 50min
LaTeX: It's not you, it's me
Martin Haug 16:3016:55 25min
In your homelab or at the edge. A low-touch cloud, anywhere you need it.
Eric Gelinas et al 16:3016:55 25min
Running Ubuntu Desktop on Arm-based laptops
Gordan Markus 17:3017:55 25min
The Ubuntu Colombia LoCo Team Scale up!
Lina Elizabeth Porras Santana 16:3016:55 25min
From origins to open source: The journey of DreamWorks Animation's production path tracer, MoonRay
Randy Packer 15:0015:50 50min
Snapcrafting on a tablet: A little adventure
Mr Alfred Neumayer 17:0017:50 50min
From Zero to Hero: HPC Edition
Jason Nucciarone 17:0018:00 60min
Making a standalone effects pedal system based on embed Linux
Filipe Coelho 17:0017:50 50min
Dwellir - Harnessing Open Source for a Scalable Blockchain Infrastructure
Erik Lönroth 15:3015:55 25min
5 security best practices building an app with Ubuntu as the base image
Nnenna Ndukwe 16:3016:55 25min
The Perfect SRU
Andreas Hasenack et al 15:0015:50 50min
Alioli ROV Submarine Drone
Juanmi Taboada 17:0017:50 50min
Operating a Flask application with Juju: The fastpass
Grégory Schiano Lomoriello 15:0015:25 25min
How do Rust applications get into Debian ?
Matthias Geiger 17:0017:25 25min
50 things you did not know you could do with Ardour
Dr Robin Gareus 15:0015:50 50min
Welcome Reception / Opening Mixer Hall 1 / 2
Marginalized Gender Coffee and Tea Ezīša Kofīšops
Refreshment Break Hall 1 / 2
Saturday, November 4
Saturday 8:00
Saturday 9:00
Saturday 10:00
Saturday 11:00
Saturday 12:00
Saturday 13:00
Saturday 14:00
Saturday 15:00
Saturday 16:00
Saturday 17:00
Saturday 18:00
Saturday 19:00
Saturday 20:00
Saturday 21:00
Saturday 22:00
Saturday 23:00
Community Council: Ask Us Anything!
José Antonio Rey et al 16:3017:25 55min
Careers at Canonical
Simon Aronsson 11:3011:55 25min
Penpot, why it matters and a hands-on demo
Pablo Ruiz-Múzquiz 14:0014:25 25min
How Steam Play/Proton makes Gaming on Linux awesome.
Thomas Crider 14:3014:55 25min
New Intel HW and OpenSource innovations
Christian Holsing 16:3016:55 25min
Material Shell - An intuitive workflow that synergizes with your natural sense of direction
Adrien Peslerbe 10:0010:25 25min
Group Photo
11:1011:20 10min
Local communities and their role in opensource communities
Bhavanishankar Ravindra et al 10:0011:00 60min
Join the RISC-V revolution
Heinrich Schuchardt 17:0017:25 25min
What It's Like to Build an Open, Repairable Laptop
Daniel Schaefer 09:0009:25 25min
Snapshot in time: leveraging Snap and Flatpak to preserve our software legacy
Mathieu Comandon 16:0016:25 25min
Feature detection for games, letting machines figure out system requirements
Mathieu Comandon 11:3011:55 25min
Reproducible Builds for Ubuntu
Mattia Rizzolo 16:0016:50 50min
Gio UI: Cross-Platform Accelerated Graphics in Go
Chris Waldon 16:0017:30 90min
PyKubeSlurm: A Python Operator for Efficient Job Scheduling in Slurm using Kubernetes
Matheus Tosta 14:0014:25 25min
Arras, MoonRay’s distributed computational framework
Randy Packer 11:3011:55 25min
Miriway - bringing Wayland to your desktop
Alan Griffiths 10:3010:55 25min
The RISC-V revolution
John Ronco 15:0015:25 25min
Market Your Cause, Project, or Self like a Pro
Ryan Gorley 14:0015:30 90min
Dark matters: the security abyss of distroless containers
Cristovao Cordeiro 16:0016:25 25min
Empower Your Users to Maintain Software Within the Debian Repository
David Heidelberg 14:3014:55 25min
Improving FOSS Security
Mark Esler 12:0012:50 50min
Art and ownership - the confusing problem of owning a visual idea
Eylul Dogruel 14:0014:25 25min
Move data science beyond experimentation with MLOps platforms
Andreea Munteanu et al 16:0017:30 90min
The "Everything" Ubuntu Server
Mr Noah Chelliah 09:3009:55 25min
Hands-on containerisation: chiseling .NET 8 applications with Ubuntu
Richard Lander et al 10:0011:00 60min
What's Hot in MySQL: A Sneak Peek at Game-Changing Features
Frederic Descamps 15:0015:25 25min
Ubuntu Hideout: Successful Community Building Insights
David Nunes et al 15:0015:25 25min
Marketing for Open Source: How, Where, & Why
Michael Tunnell 10:3010:55 25min
YTsaurus — the next generation of open source big data platforms
Andrey Rivkin 10:0010:25 25min
What the AI revolution means for Open Source, Open Tech and Open Societies
Frank Karlitschek 12:0012:50 50min
From Pets to Cattle: Revolutionizing Edge Computing with Screenly's Edge Apps
Viktor Petersson et al 10:0010:25 25min
Improving Snap maintenance: Automating Snap updates on new upstream releases of the app
Till Kamppeter et al 12:0013:00 60min
Container craftsmanship: from a Pebble to a Rock
Cristovao Cordeiro 14:0015:30 90min
Proton - Up and Down The Stream
Arkadiusz Hiler 17:0017:25 25min
Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) - Make an awesome Linux environment directly on Windows
Craig Loewen 09:3009:55 25min
HPC with Containers on Ubuntu
Jaime Freire de Souza 10:3010:55 25min
Live Mixing with PipeWire and Ardour/Harrison Mixbus
Erich Eickmeyer 11:3013:00 90min
Linux Gaming beyond Steam: Building native support for GOG, Epic, and more
Dennis Sädtler et al 09:3009:55 25min
Freedom, flexibility and fun. Taking back your live streams with Owncast.
Gabe Kangas 12:0012:50 50min
Building the largest working set of apparmor profiles
Alexandre Pujol 14:3014:55 25min
Gio: Cross Platform GUIs in Go
Chris Waldon 11:3011:55 25min
Game Night Beta 1 / 2
Refreshment Break Hall 1 / 2
Lunch Break Hall 1 / 2 + Esplanade Restaurant
Refreshment Break Hall 1 / 2
Game Night / Special Demonstration 2 Beta 1 / 2
Game Night / Special Demonstration 1 Beta 1 / 2
Sunday, November 5
Sunday 8:00
Sunday 9:00
Sunday 10:00
Sunday 11:00
Sunday 12:00
Sunday 13:00
Sunday 14:00
Sunday 15:00
Sunday 16:00
Sunday 17:00
Sunday 18:00
Sunday 19:00
Sunday 20:00
Sunday 21:00
Sunday 22:00
Sunday 23:00
Closing Plenary
Philipp Kewisch 17:3017:55 25min
Ubuntu Flavour Sync
Mr Mauro Gaspari et al 10:0010:50 50min
Teleporting to Modernity: Desktop Portals
Georges Basile Stavracas Neto 11:3011:55 25min
Importance of Measuring Trust in Organizations and How Community Presence can Help
Dr Aparna Sundar et al 10:0010:25 25min
Linux Lads - Live podcast recording
Amolith . et al 16:0016:50 50min
How to Create Flutter Applications for the Ubuntu Desktop
Dennis Loose 11:3013:00 90min
9 tips for better writing
Graham Morrison 15:0015:25 25min
Local Community Lunch
Aaron Prisk et al 13:0013:50 50min
Preventing data breach and for AI/DataSci contractor led projects
hubbert smith 11:3011:55 25min
The Open Source Fortress: Finding Vulnerabilities in Your Codebase Using Open Source Tools
Mr George-Andrei Iosif 11:3013:00 90min
YTsaurus as a distributed coordination service
Mr Grigory Reznikov 10:0010:50 50min
Making Open More Open: A design workshop for non-designers in FLOSS
Eriol Fox et al 14:0015:30 90min
Data Science in production: Crossing the chasm
Juan Luis Cano Rodríguez 14:0014:25 25min
Updates from the GNOME Land: 2023 edition
Marco Trevisan et al 14:0014:25 25min
Go live with confidence: enhancing security with .NET on chiseled Ubuntu containers
Richard Lander 10:3010:55 25min
Harnessing the Power of Ubuntu and MicroK8s: Case Studies from SDSC and CFEL
Igor Khokhriakov 10:3010:55 25min
Scientia potentia est; breaking down barriers to high-performance computing
Jason Nucciarone et al 10:0010:50 50min
Skynet or Star Trek, what’s the future of AI?
Andreea Munteanu et al 09:0009:50 50min
Behind the Scenes of tox: The Journey of Rewriting a Python Tool with Over 10 Million Monthly Downloads
Jürgen Gmach 14:3014:55 25min
Open Source for Sustainable and Long lasting Phones
Luca Weiss 12:0012:50 50min
You Ship, We Ship: Developing Open Source Culture
Leo McElroy et al 14:0015:30 90min
Do-ocratic communities: when merit is not the only metric
Merlijn Sebrechts et al 16:0016:50 50min
From Asahi Linux to Ubuntu: Running Linux on Apple Silicon
Hector Martin et al 14:3015:20 50min
Building an Open Source Community Beyond the Code
Ms Carolina Alves Portugal et al 14:0014:25 25min
Achieving A Circular Economy With Free Software
Dr Joseph De Veaugh-Geiss 16:0016:50 50min
The Many APIs Of Gaming On Proton
Arkadiusz Hiler 16:0016:50 50min
Let's play with Charmed Spark
Dr Paolo Sottovia 15:0015:25 25min
bpftrace recipes: 5 real problems solved
Mr Trent Lloyd 12:0012:50 50min
ScaniVerse: A New Horizon in Unified Scanning for Linux Systems
Akarshan Kapoor 11:3011:55 25min
Using Ubuntu’s new snapshot service at scale with Azure and AKS
Colin Watson et al 16:0016:50 50min
ML saving 2000 jobs with less than 100 lines of code
Ronald Maravanyika 14:3014:55 25min
Bringing Windows applications to Linux app stores
Merlijn Sebrechts 12:0012:50 50min
Closing Party Digital Art House - Skolas iela 2
Refreshment Break Hall 1 / 2
Lunch Break Hall 1 / 2 + Esplanade Restaurant
Refreshment Break Hall 1 / 2