Nov 3 – 5, 2023
Riga, Latvia
Europe/Riga timezone

LaTeX: It's not you, it's me

Nov 3, 2023, 4:30 PM
Sigma – Talks (Radisson Blu Latvija)

Sigma – Talks

Radisson Blu Latvija

Talk (25 Minutes) Content & Design


Martin Haug (he/him)


Both the Open Source and the STEM communities have been in a steadfast relationship with LaTeX over the last 39 years. However, as relationships grow and change, sometimes we need to consider something new… In this talk, we will review the history and design of LaTeX and what choices worked great in the 80s that weigh on users now. The talk will contrast this to Typst, our new technical typesetting system, and other contemporary alternatives and prompt the question: Is it finally time to move on?

Session author's bio

Hey, I'm Martin (25, he/him)! I’m a full-stack web and Rust developer and work on Typst with Laurenz Mädje. We started this off as a hobby project in university and are going full-time on Open Source now. In the team, I'm the guy who loves shipping stuff: What could possibly go wrong? I'm also the guy who will stay up late to fix things when they inevitably go wrong, but I would not have it any other way. Other than that, I really like urbanism, walking the city, and film photography.

Level of Difficulty Beginner
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