Nov 3 – 5, 2023
Riga, Latvia
Europe/Riga timezone

Material Shell - An intuitive workflow that synergizes with your natural sense of direction

Nov 4, 2023, 10:00 AM
Omega 2 – Plenary (Radisson Blu Latvija)

Omega 2 – Plenary

Radisson Blu Latvija

Talk (25 Minutes) Linux Desktop


Adrien Peslerbe
Material Shell


Introduction to Material Shell, a Linux desktop interface that utilizes humans natural spatial cognition to enhance navigation and organization in the digital environment.

Discover how Material Shell tries to revolutionize desktop workflow by taking advantage of two natural human mental mechanisms: Spatial Memory and Mental Mapping.

Get a sneak peak of the core features designed to seamlessly align with those mechanisms:
- An intuitive two-dimensional application organization system, allowing customization by use-case, category, or preference.
- The unique persistence feature that automatically saves layouts and configurations, ensuring your custom setup remains even after a reboot.
- Effortless navigation through a personalized environment using intuitive directional inputs inspired by gaming.
- The Material Design Interface, combining aesthetics with functionality for easy navigation via mouse or touchscreen.

Exchange about the adventure of making a Gnome Shell extension and the future of Material Shell

Session author's bio

My name is Adrien Peslerbe, also known as PapyElGringo. I'm a digital craftsman passionate about interfaces and ergonomic users experience.

After working for several years building mobile applications and web applications I decided to rethink the interface I use the most: the desktop interface and Material Shell is born.

Level of Difficulty Beginner
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