Nov 3 – 5, 2023
Riga, Latvia
Europe/Riga timezone

From Pets to Cattle: Revolutionizing Edge Computing with Screenly's Edge Apps

Nov 4, 2023, 10:00 AM
Sigma – Talks (Radisson Blu Latvija)

Sigma – Talks

Radisson Blu Latvija

Talk (25 Minutes) Devices


Murat Ursavaş
Viktor Petersson


A decade ago, the cloud computing landscape was defined by the "Pets vs. Cattle" debate, and the cattle paradigm emerged victorious. This shift toward treating servers as interchangeable, easily replaceable units paved the way for the current state of Cloud Native applications. Now, it's high time for edge computing to undergo a similar transformation. Traditionally, edge devices have been managed as unique, specialized entities—akin to pets rather than cattle. At Screenly, we're advancing the "Cattle Era" in edge computing with our Edge Apps solution. This software platform provides a flexible runtime environment for executing screen-related workloads such as kiosks and dashboards, streamlining their management at scale. In this presentation, we will delve into the architecture of Edge Apps and highlight how it harnesses the robust capabilities of Ubuntu Core to revolutionize edge device management.

Session author's bio

Viktor, a seasoned entrepreneur, launched his first enterprise during his college years, blazing a trail in the largely unexplored field of remote work. Long before the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, he envisioned the transformative potential of a decentralized workforce, steering his company towards prosperity as a pioneering remote-only operation. He then turned his innovative mindset towards new horizons. At present, Viktor helms Screenly, a company he co-founded with a vision to develop the world's first developer-friendly digital signage product. Under his stewardship, Screenly has birthed trailblazing innovations such as Anthias, the top-ranked open source digital signage solution, and their marquee offering, Screenly, which powers in excess of 10,000 screens globally. Viktor continues to steer the digital signage industry into the future, driven by his visionary instincts and relentless entrepreneurial spirit.

Level of Difficulty Intermediate

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